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Where and when it all started

Welcome to the place that we’ll talk about everything that is metal! Being a big fan of the metal genre since 1983, I reckon I’ll have a few things to talk about. I’ve been a guitar player since 1987 when I got off the plane and landed in cold icy Canada. I got a job a week or two later once I settled in, as a telemarketer of all things. Worked my butt off to buy this Jackson Randy Rhoads Flying V edition that I had been eyeing for quite some time, still have it to this day. Only changes that I’ve made to this guitar is installing EMG 85’s in the bridge pickup, all in the name of being a big fan of thrash metal music scene, and the heavy tones that are expected to come with it.

Learning to play was a synch, right?

It was a beautiful guitar, but it took me a few years to make it sound the way I think it should sound! This was due to the fact I am a self taught player, so there was a lot of trials, tribulations and frustrations in the process of learning the craft. But I do not regret it for one moment for the time I have spent learning the instrument, the techniques and getting a good tone – still always trying to find that sound I’m looking for! Music has always been my passion and I never get tired of improving my chops, and wanting to bring my A game to a whole new level everyday.

Needless to say that Slayer, Exodus, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament, Overkill as well as many others bands from this genre are some of my early biggest influences. Not only because of the amazing mind blowing music they created, but also due to them being true trailblazers that changed the course of metal history forever!

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